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Homework: Center your mind before falling asleep

Center your mind before falling asleep

This means making sure that we bring our mind to the center of the body before we fall asleep so that our mind is immersed in the light and joy there, after having reflected on all the good deeds we have done.

Benefits to practitioner

  1. Getting to sleep quickly, sleeping soundly and deeply with no anxieties to cause restlessness, talking on one’s sleep or nightmares.

  2. Dreamless sleep without waking up in the middle of the night – which will allow us to rest both body and mind to the full.

  3. Even while we sleep the stream of our merit will continue to nourish us – so that the merit will protect us as we sleep, wherever we may take our rest. Although the time we are asleep is full of risks, the merit in our mind makes up for our unconsciousness.

  4. As a meditator, our inner experience will not backslide even when we are asleep.

  5. Strong health, not waking up in the middle of the night, or even if one does wake up, one can get back to sleep quickly.

Benefits to others

  1. Allowing others sleeping nearby to sleep in peace.

  2. Allowing others to wake up in a good mood and maintain a good mood all day long.

  3. Allowing others greater efficiency at work – refreshed from having had a full night’s rest – using both body and mind to their full potential.

Details of practice

Having recollected all the merits of the day, one should touch one’s mind softly at the centre of the body, at the point from where the joy emanates. Centering the mind in this way will create the subtlety of mind and the right mood to envelop the whole of oneself in a feeling of weightlessness, ease, relaxation and light. Make the resolution or gentle intention to fall asleep at the center of this gentle and joyous light. At the same time we should avoid watching perturbing movies, shows or entertainment immediately before going to bed, excepting media concerned with merit-making because otherwise our mind will get caught up in the negativity of the media content, interrupting the continuity of the flow of merit in our mind before bed.

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