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Homework: During the day, make a feeling that we and our meditation object are integarted

Throughout the day creating the feeling that you are united with the mental object at the center of the body – creating the feeling that we are inside the mental object, the mental object is inside us, we are united with the mental object and the mental object is united with us:

If for the whole day our mind is united with the skilful state of mind represented by our mental object, the quality of the mind will be upgraded the whole of time. Our life will be secure, our health will be good. Our mind will be nourished by the positivity at the center of the body all the time. Being inside the mental object means that our body is protected by the positivity of merit flowing from our good deeds in the past, through the centre of our body. This brings a bright, secure and healthy. Being constantly centered gives us the mindfulness to avoid succumbing to the temptation of behaving badly. The feeling that we are united with the mental object at the center of our body will protect us from danger and make sure we do nothing to harm ourselves or others. The purity of the mental object at the center of our body will all good things of similar purity into our lives bringing us safety, dignity, prosperity and abundance.

Benefits to practitioner

  1. Enjoying security and abundance in life as a result of all the merit we have been inspired to accrue.

  2. Inspiration of mind and the mindfulness to be a teacher to oneself at all times.

  3. Meditation which progresses with every second that passes.

  4. Full integration of spiritual practice into daily life.

  5. Not a breath passes by without our furtherment of virtue.

  6. Being trusted by others.

  7. Safety and security wherever one goes.

Benefits to others

  1. Peace and harmony in family and society.

  2. Prosperity, praise and progress of all in the community.

  3. Those in the midst of those advanced in their Dhammakaya meditation will find they benefit indirectly from that person’s high level of merit.

Details of practice

Imagine that the dome of the sky above is a huge Dhamma sphere which envelops us as if the centre of our own mind is aligned with the centre of this huge sphere of Dhamma. Every time we look up at the sky, we should remind ourselves that we are within that Dhamma sphere – and this will help ensure that our mind is centered the whole of the time. As for imagining that the mental object is inside ourselves, we should simultaneously imagine that a tiny mental object, the size of the tip of our little finger is located at the centre of our body as if we have swallowed it down inside our stomach. Once there, we should imagine it frequently. Habitual practice will result in the mental object enlarging until it becomes the same size as our own body – at which point we will feel as if we are one and the same as the mental object. Mastering this feeling by regular practice, our mind will never drift away from the meditation and the merit will flow in an unbroken stream at our center.

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