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Homework: Make a world a nicer place to live in by smiling and speaking in an endearing way

Make a world a nicer place to live in by smiling and speaking in an endearing way

This means making the effort to preserve a positive and constructive mood for ourselves and those around us. Thailand has become known as the ‘land of smiles’. However, even in Thailand, not to mention other countries of the world, with so much economic and social change, smiles are becoming harder to find and much of the compassion has been lost from the things people say to one another. As a result, we have to try to go against the tide by smiling and using only endearing speech – even if we are the initiators of this trend. When we smile and speak endearing words, others will feel good and return the smiles and pleasant speech to us. This causes makes the world a nicer place to live in and is certainly more conducive to mental development.

Benefits to ourselves

  1. Facilitates the qualities of peace and gentleness of mind.

  2. Trains us to be compassionate.

  3. Causes us to center our mind in the meritorious aspects of life.

  4. Helps preserve the level of inner experience one has already attained.

  5. Shows strength of character on our part.

  6. Minimizes interpersonal conflict.

Benefits to others

  1. Minimizes conflict amongst group, organization, society or family members.

  2. Sets a trend of gentleness and compassion in society.

  3. Facilitates harmony.

Details of practice

Start by conjuring up merit in your mind as detailed in items 7-9 of the homework. Remind yourself that nobody wants to see a grumpy person or listen to sarcastic, slanderous, devious or vulgar speech. Realize that having a neutral or sulky expression reduces the benefits we get from the meritorious deeds we have done – and that unwholesome speech betrays a lack of quality in our mental state. Whenever you have a smile on your face or speak in an endearing way – you will be the first person to receive the benefits.

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