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Homework: Visualize mental object at the body's center while doing other activities during the day

Recollect the mental object (crystal ball or Buddha Image) at the center of the body while conducting other activities throughout the day:

This means being observant of the inner experience at the center of the body no matter where we are, what we are doing or when we are doing it. We might imagine a crystal ball at the center, or a Buddha Image – or alternate between the two. The purpose of the practice is simply to train the mind to concentrate at the seventh base of the mind to enhance the focus and continuity of our meditation. Doing this item of homework helps avoid entangling our mind in unwanted issues and may reduce the severity of retribution of negative karmic deeds we may have done. The practice also facilitates the continuous flow of merit in the mind helping our inner experience to become brighter and clearer as time goes on.

Benefits to practitioner

  1. Decreased unwholesomeness and increased wholesomeness in our lives.

  2. Ensures the mind is always bright and clear and that our life is secure.

  3. Protection from calamity.

  4. Reduction or cessation of suffering in life because the mind is always connected with the most positive of inner experiences at the centre of the body.

Benefits to others

  1. Reduced interpersonal conflict.

  2. More productivity at work in the absence of daydreaming.

  3. Peace and security in life as a result of continuous immersion of the mind in the stream of merit flowing there.

Details of practice

Think back to the mental object at the center of the body as frequently as possible no matter where you are or what you are doing. Consider what would happen if one were to die in the state of mind one is in at that moment, and this will give us a sense of urgency to make sure our state of mind is always the most focused and refined possible. Besides making sure we are always prepared, even in the face of death, such a practice also facilitates group harmony.

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