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On Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 Seattle Meditation Center, Washington, USA had offered a Meditation class for English speakers.

There was a total of 16 people who joined the class: 15 meditators, 1 staff member.

The program started with drinking warm tea, introducing themselves, sharing why they come to learn meditation, and stretching for relaxing the body.

Then, the teaching monk taught new comers the basic meditation practice, led us 40 minutes meditation and ended with sharing loving kindness to everyone in the room and all over the world. Everyone meditated happily and peacefully.

Before the end of the class, some participants had a chance to share their experiences. Most of the participants had good experiences. The teaching monk then offered some tips for improvement.

The teacher offered a good story that we can use in our daily life. The topic is about what you should do when someone insults, embarrasses, or even is being hostile to you. Being silent is the best response to those situations. Do not let the bad words that people say or bad actions that people do to bother you or make you angry. When someone gives you something unpleasant, you don’t have to accept it. Ultimately it will go back to the givers.

Practicing meditation every day can help us cultivate patience and peace for ourselves and others.

Everyone is thankful to the teaching monk. Definitely we will keep that in mind and use it daily.

Before going home, participants offered donations to Seattle Meditation Center and received the blessing from the teaching monk. Everyone enjoyed and went home happily.

We are sharing merit with you all.

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